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Trip to Japan Date: May 9th @ 3:09am EDT
Hey guys,

Two days ago I got home and I can say I already miss Japan. I was totally impressed by this experience in Asia. My first visit to Asia was last year when I was in Thailand where I visited and admired many beaches. Japan is different. After a flight of about 15h, I rejoined my colleague from high school. She has been living in Japan for a few years, and I have been excited to meet her after 10 years. From the taxi the Tokyo city looks absolutely fabulous, from clean streets to commercialsigns lightened on different buildings. In the following days I visited Tokyo on foot but also with the means of transport. People are very friendly and respectful. In Tokyo I checked the most important tourist points, I ate a lot of sushi and loaded me with lots of positive energy. The next few days we spent in the mountain area where we tasted wines of that origin, visited various temples, and admired Mount Fuji in all his glory. I was lucky to have beautiful and sunny days. Japan is a place where I can come back with great dearness.

Ps: Tomorrow you will see me online ð~
Holiday in Japan Date: Apr 28th @ 3:52am EDT
Many of you know that I'm going to vacation in Japan. For 10 days I'll be offline, you'll probably miss me. Right now I'm preparing my bag and I'm very excited to get there. For a long time, I wanted to get there and here it is now that the dream becomes reality. My first contact with Asia was last year when I was in Thailand, it was an unforgettable experience and now, Japan. I can't wait to meet new people, to learn about their culture, to see new places and Japanese cuisine, the famous sushi and many more. I will try to post here and on the Twitter account about this experience. WE KEEP IN TOUCH
Fresh and wet Date: Jul 8th @ 1:24am EDT
fresh like a peach ,wet like a fountain,in mood like you when you have a hard on..that's me again are you feeling?im feeling up for a sexy day..full of allyour fantasies...come and get me or come and let me get you!i want to touch my pink spot ..make it wet..explore what's inside there(blush)and let you see what im doing...again i have a new toy with some love inside (hearts)it goes perfect with my's the perfect size for it..come and let's cum like u never did..what's more nicer then a big load with all my pleasure?what's better then to start a day like this?im telling you..nothing it is..:) im feeling like stayin doggy for u today..and you to be behind me explore all i have for favorite toy today it's the glass one ..coz its new ofc:)) and everything new makes a woman vibrate!but im sure u already know this guys ,isnt it?be my hero today and i will be everything u need for the day and not only:*:*:*:*curly hair/perfect tits/pink and sweet pussy/a huge real smile and all the pleasure /big heels the color you like/roleplay/dresses/shorts and everything u desire i will have...all this come with a huge mood for u ...let's rock it today and tomorrow and the day after..and so on..
Missed me? Date: Jul 6th @ 1:56am EDT
hey hey my lovers!did u missed me?i didddd allotttt!!im here again fresh and with some tan lines:D ur curious to see where they are?!im sure u come and let's count them..between other things we can do:P i woke up such in a mood ..but in what kind of mood u can guess?im sure u can..mood to have u..mood to play with myself and mood to let u do whatever u want with me...i feel generous today and playfull..are u feeling the same?u think u can handle me today in this mood?i want my hands around ur cock..i want to suck u(blush) i want u to feel my breath around ur cock..i want to make u never forget me..when u will close ur eyes to see me and my body screaming after and so on...i want to use my new toy with u..u control it on ur pleasure..and i let u own me in the way ur fantasy is...i woke up soooo wet this morning that i had the feeling someone was there with me fucking me all nite...u were there doing this?hm...if so i will catch u and make u same as u make me this morning..horny as fuck!let me explore ur body down there and we will make a trade...u will win for sure:P touch me/kiss me/lick me and i will surrender...make me dream on u and ur drippin white cream...kissessssss
have a good day guys! Date: Jul 2nd @ 12:31am EDT
new day experience..a new hard on:D orasgm/screaming/pleasure/wet things/pinkie...thats what i want today..all in one or just one by one :* i want to close my eyes and make love with u till we get tired,touching,slowly fucking and ur cum allover..u ever tought how it will be if im getting downon u and while ur soo hard exploring ur balls and cock with my tongue?u ever thought how u would feel my breath on ur penis?i think its give's u the best cum from ur life!just come ere waiting u to explore all this and not only...come..close ur eyes and feel me..thats why im make u live a sure i can fulfill all ur fantasies verry easy..and more real now with this new toy kiiroo pearl and the one for u kiiroo onyx..make me want u more and more..make me scream ur name and i will always thank u for that:) kissessss on ur sweetest place:wink
NEW TOY KIIROO PEARL!! Date: Jun 30th @ 12:32am EDT
My dear pervs im here with a new toy in town KIIROO PEARL wich will make us explore the most real experience ever!every move i make u will feel it .never seen such a real toy...u cant compare the feelings and the pleasure this kiiroo give us..u just have to click and purchase the other toy for u wich is called KIIROO ONYX and we go in a world where its just screaming of pleasure,add the new toy to ur favorites and let's rock each other world now and always!u might get addicted and i will be there to fulfill all ur fantasies!what can be better then having me with u there and feeling all the love i can give u?im in a fantasy already thanks to this new in my bed..and u moving in and out of me...making me moan ...showing me how much u want me..and now i want to tell u about my mood feeling like having u here with me and making me to have the best orgasm ever,im feeling like making ur cock so hard that it will dripin all over ur hands and feeling like sucking u deep to feel u in my mouth like there will never be the last day of our lives..thats how i want to spend my day..sucking and looking into ur eyes while im doing it..u think u can handle me?if u do..then dont let me wait..kisses
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